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Welcome to the Yank's information page. We are the premier provider of Production automotive painting. Our goal is to provide the very best in afforability to meet your budget.


Starting at $499.95

Economy Service

 In these days & times, it's hard to get all the bang for your buck! Our economy paint job is superior in materials & prep to our competitors prices.  We apply true Urethan Base Coat, Clearcoat an offer a full 2 year warrenty on fading, peeling and workmanship.



Starting at $1499.95

Pro Service

 Is a great way maintain or enhance the value you of your vehicle. You got a low mileage car with bad paint?Come see us for the Pro service. We use High Solid Clear Coats with better quality bases, we have excat color matches. We can't make you a brand new vehicle with this service but its the closest that we offer before you get into our restoration & custom services where perfection is the key. we offer a no nonsense lifetime warrenty as long as you own the vehicle from fading, peeling and workmanship. Buy this and then our detail service and you got an amazing paint job coming your way.



Starting at $19,999.95

Restoration Service

We take great pride in restoring a vehicle, for the very essance of the word to "Restore"! This service isn't for everybody nor is it for every vehicle. We will only do one at a time because of the nature of such a project, the attention to detail & the space required. We do everything "In house" and with that i mean any subcontracting we do in stages of the restoration, will be our responciblity. We have our own network of contractors that specialize in there respected fields, interior, drivetrain, etc...  An after the inital inspection of the vehicle when it arrives, an if the vehicle passes! It will require at least one week for a through evaluation before any estimate will be given. You will be given a detailed list of what needs to be done, what can be save, refinished or replaced. Make no mistake we will turn a beast into a beauty queen but there is a time honored method to the madness.

Starting at $999.95

Detail Service

WOW that much?  Yup and that is the starting price for a small car and it is only included with the restoration and custom service we offer.

To really detail and buff an exterior of a vehicle takes a lot steps. With the newer harder clear coats that everbody uses now a days, it just take time and that translates into money. There are places that short cut these steps. We don't and if your going to do it right, you use the best like 3M.  There is atleast 11 steps to buffing and polishing detail service for an exterior paint job, these steps below don't include the wash & wipe down between each sanding step or the wipeing of excess compound and polishes. But this will give you an idea what our detail service is about

step 1: Wetsand the entire vehicle down with 2000 eliminating any range peel

step 2: Wetsand the imperfections (mirco trash,) with 1500

step 3: Wetsand sand the places from step 2 with 2000

step 4: Wetsand the entire vehicle with 3000

step 5: Wetsand the entire veichle with 5000

Now at this point your vehcile will actually have a dull shine and reflective qualities but we are not done yet,  

 so on too...

step 6: Machine Buff the entire vehicle with  3M light compound with a light sponge cut pad

step 7: Machine Buff the entire vehicle with 3M machine polish with a light polishing sponge pad. To help remove any swirl marks

step 8: Machine Buff the entire vehicle with 3M ultra fine machine polish with a finale polishing sponge pad

step 9: Hand buff the entire vehicle with 3M hand glaze

step10: Wax entire vehicle

step 11: Cean the extreior of the vehicle windows, door glass, moldings and make sure there are no residus left.

And then you have a properly buffed and detailed exterior that with glission down the road.

We only detail vehicles that we paint, that way know what kind of materials are actually on the vehicle.